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Product features

Low threshold

Two aluminium low threshold details are available as an alternative to the PVC standard and low thresholds –

Refurbishment low threshold

This option comprises an aluminium body with two aluminium ramps providing a detail that is acceptable to many Local authorities although there are some Authorities who will not accept the refurbishment detail as acceptable, meeting the requirements of Part M of the Building Regulations. - It will therefore be necessary before specifying/fitting a refurbishment low threshold that contact is made with the relevant authority.

Part M compliant Low threshold

This detail provides a maximum height aluminium section of 15mm which is in full compliance with Part M of the Building Regulations and similar to the refurbishment detail provides a weatherproof option where impaired mobility access is required.


Setting the standard. The world’s best weatherseal gasket. Excellent compression recovery of 99%.

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Reaching higher. Window Energy Rating - The future of energy efficient windows from the BFRC.

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Expanding the choice. Our comprehensive range of products are available in a range of finishes.

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Designed in. Our new Sac shootbolt system is specially designed to be flexible and adaptable.

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